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слова песен

I Beg Your Pardon

Carmine Ghersi

I beg your pardon oh Lord, But I wanna pray,
I beg your pardon oh Lord, I got something to say
I beg your pardon oh Lord Please hear me today
Oh Lord, I beg your pardon!

Once upon a time you made a frontier
To separate the good and the bad
Two lanes out of this globe, up and down
This is why now you hear me moan

I can propose a change, don't know if I may
't might be more efficient every day
Imagine if you move Heaven to our Earth
't would be the best happening since its birth

What will you say, if we lay down the knife
There is no purpose for the next life
Let us love, let us sing, be merry too
With no pain or sorrow, or being blue

To make a perfect Heaven, it is not too late
You'll let us drink and smoke and date,
With all the friends around, to you we'll run!
You sure can make it good for everyone

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