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слова песен

Medicine man

Carmine Ghersi

I need your skills, I need your touch, I need all what you got
Medicine man, Don't make me blue, I sure need a good shot
You have to call, and chant and scream, and ask heaven above
Medicine man, I need you now, I sure can't wait no more.

The darkest clouds are covering the canyon
Moon is hidden, the rain pours down
All seems hopeless, gone and forgotten
I wanna call for love when I'm alone

This morning I looked up at the waning moon
Crows were flying, vanishing soon
Not a vision, I sure have seen three
Following each other but looking at me

Sometimes I feel like I'm lost with no future
Nothing in sight, Cold as winter
I need a beam, I need a vision
I trust in you to succeed with your mission

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