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слова песен

When all is gone

Carmine Ghersi

What's left when all is gone
What's new when all is done
Our world seems empty
Is there anything else to see?
No light, cold to the bone
May we give up when all is gone?

History, you take my memory back into the past
You whisper in my ear, a sound, is it the last?
Believing that my plan for life would begin
Fate has followed me through thick and thin

Emptyness, I feel your breathe on my neck and my elbow
The path lays before me, the way, I'm in a row.
Ready to wait for clouds to come again
I need to feel the raindrops on my skin

Tomorrow, I don't know if this word still has a meaning
I can't see the future, broken is the string
Is there tranquillity out there to reach for?
That's the least I can hope but I need more

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